Paper Submission Will be Closed on the 15th November 2019


23 June 2019

International Conference of Geography and Disaster Management

ICGDM2019 invites prospective authors, academics and industries to submit papers related  to physical geography, human and social geography and disaster management..

CONFERENCE DAY: 3-4 December 2019

SCOPUS Publication
Forum Geografi (SINTA 2)
ISSN Conference Proceedings

Track 1: Physical Geography
Track Director: Aditya Saputra, S. Si., M. Sc., Ph.D.

SCOPES: • Geomorphology • Hydrology • Glaciology • Biogeography • Climatology • Coastal geography • Oceanography • Landscape ecology • Geomatics • Environmental geography.

Track 2: Human and Social Geography
Track Director: Dr. Choirul Amin

SCOPES: • Cultural geography • Economic geography • Health geography • Historical geography • Electoral geography • Geopolitics • Strategic geography and Military geography • Urban geography • Human ecology • Sociology of space.

Track 3: Disaster Management
Track Director: Andri NR Mardiah, Ph.D.

SCOPES: • Disaster Risk Reduction and Management • Sustainable development • Humanitarian Efforts • Silent and Relief Networks • Community/City Resilience • Climate Change Adaptation • Disaster relief and supply chain management • Predictions of disasters • Vulnerability assessment • Poverty and gender issues in sustainable development • Environmental impact assessments.

Track 4: Watershed Management
Track Director: Dr. Ir. Tyas Mutiara Basuki, M. Sc.

SCOPES: • Disaster Mitigation through Watershed Management • Watershed Management Planning • Implementation of Watershed Management • Monitoring and Evaluation of Watershed Performance • Erosion and Sedimentation • Water Quality • Soil and Water Conservation.


  • Jumadi, S.Si, M.Sc., Ph.D