Shahnaaz Suffla is specialist scientist at the South African Medical Research Council-University of South Africa Violence, Injury and Peace Research Unit, Professor Extraordinaire at the University of South Africa, and President-Elect of the Psychological Society of South Africa. Her research interests draw from the intersections of critical African, community and peace psychologies, and public health, and are located within liberatory philosophies and epistemologies. Her thinking and scholarship is influenced by the vision of research as a transforming and humanising enterprise. Her niche areas are conflict, violence and peace, and participatory methodologies. Specifically, her research interests include a focus on peace promotion interventions in contexts of structural violence; participatory engagement as a site of activism, resistance and social change; and Africa-centered knowledges and knowledge-making, and is placed within several local, regional and international level research partnerships. Prof. Suffla has numerous publications in her areas of interest.


Institute for Social and Health Sciences, University of South Africa