Science claims that its ultimate goal is to explain "the mysteries" of nature or natural phenomena. By giving high value on reason, experience, and evidence, it has gained its own authority independent from other external institutions. The constant philosophical question then is whether science should acknowledge any authority other than itself. There was a time when science demanded greater freedoms to compete with the political and religious powers through its creed of science for the sake of science. It stood against any power potential to intervene its authority in explaining nature.

Technology, which represents the application of science, aims at helping human beings overcome their problems and making life easier, more efficient and more enjoyable. The humanity crisis resulted from the world wars, however, clearly showed that the creed of science for science's sake, particularly with its mass destruction technology, is devoid of meaning and even against the nature of humanity. The wider community, as the tax-paying citizens, funding various research projects deserves the priority of concerns. Science and technology, therefore, need to have moral bases that contribute to humanity and the larger ecosystem.

The concerns in the morally aware development of science and ecologically friendly technology require committed partnership between scientists, business people, politicians, religious leaders and educators in order to make the world a better place. The current conference, therefore, aims at accommodating the concerns of various parties having different interests to contribute the efforts for living livable life.

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Mustafa bin Mat Deris

Professor in Computer Science and
Information Technology
(UTHM - Malaysia)

Prof. Teruhiko Kido

Professor in Community and
Environmental Health
(Kanazawa University - Japan)

Assoc. Prof. Laurence Tamatea

Associate Professor in Pedagogy and
(Charles Darwin University - Australia)

Important Dates

Nov 1st, 2015Full paper deadline
Nov 12th, 2015Notification of acepted paper
Nov 16th, 2015Early bird registration
Nov 23th, 2015Deadline of conference registration and Camera Ready (Final Paper) submission
Dec 7th, 2015International conference date
Dec 8th, 2015Tour to Solo heritage sites


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