ICHWB invites all potential authors from universities, industries and business sectors to submit papers in the areas of medicine, dentistry, food, nutrition and health, public health, health services, and nursing.

Track 1: Medicine and Dentistry
Track Director: dr. Dodik Nursanto, M.Biomed.

Track 2: Food, Nutrition and Health
Track Director: Luluk Ria Rakhma, S.Gz., M.Gizi.

Track 3: Public Health and Community Services
Track Director: Kusuma Estu Werdani, MPH.

Track 4: Nursing and Health Services
Track Director: Supratman Ph.D.

Track 5: PhysioTherapy
Track Director: Dr. Umi Budi Rahayu, S.Fis., M.Kes.

16 December, 2020
8 hours

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