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23 June 2019

International Conference on Islamic and Indigenous Psychology

ICIIP invites all potential authors from universities and various organizations to submit papers in the area of psychology.

Theme: Expanding Boundaries of Psychology: Humanization, Liberation & Transcendence

Global challenges of psychosocial and health problems, persistent manifestations of social inequality and exclusions, racism including Islamophobia and xenophobia, mass migration of populations, and effects of climate change, call on the social and human sciences to reconsider their disciplinary boundaries and conventional areas of focus. Psychology too, is at a cross-road and perhaps in an unrecognized crisis. Inspired by the seminal thoughts of among others Frantz Fanon, Samir Amin, Edward Said, Paolo Freire, Malik Badri, Isma’il Raji al-Faruqi, and Kuntowijoyo, the conference aims to encourage Islamic and Indigenous Psychology to rethink their boundaries, areas of focus, and visions. 

Multiple forms of racism and patriarchy continue dehumanizing narratives and practices. Violence of all forms, hegemony and wars deny human populations liberation. Rampant materialism and consumptivism deny the transcendent capacities of both individuals and communities. Islamic psychology —sometimes conflated with individual mental health and psychotherapy— may obtain significant salience if they were to engage directly with missions of humanization, liberation, and transcendence. The three critical-transformative missions can be further developed for a genuine indigenous theory and praxis of psychology from the global South and developing countries.

The conference invites multi-faiths perspectives and approaches that are supportive of human development and protection at a time when pernicious political and economic systems seem to mobilize crass forms of psychologies to entrench both material and psychic dispossession. The conference aims to place the accent on the intersections between Islamic and indigenous thoughts, psychology and humanization, liberation and transcendence. 

The conference invites multi-faith and multi-disiciplinary contributions as a commitment to encourage open and constructive conversations, and inclusive communities.


CONFERENCE DAY: 3-4 December 2019

Publication Options:
SCOPUS publication
ISSN Conference Proceedings

Track 1: Tranformative Psychology and Humanization

Track Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eny Purwandari

Publication Option: SCOPUS / ISSN Conference proceedings / Presentation only without publication*

SCOPES: • Health, Mental Health and Well-Being • Personal, Organization and Community Transformation • Quality Education and Character Building • Rethinking Psychological Assessment and Measurement • Exploring and Optimizing the Brain • Toward Socially Transformative Psychology • Women's Roles in Families and Societies

Track 2: Critical Psychology and Liberation

Track Director: Santi Sulandari, M. Ger.

Publication Option: SCOPUS / ISSN Conference proceedings / Presentation only without publication*

SCOPES: • Resilience and Disaster • Empowering Disenfranchised and Vulnerable Communities Racism, Gender Opression and Economic Equity • Corruption, Prevention and Intervention • Equality and Exclusivity in Education • Power, Knowledge and Psychological Decolonization

Track 3: Holistic Well-Being, Psychology and Transcendence

Track Director: Rini Lestari, M.Si.

Publication Option: SCOPUS / ISSN Conference proceedings / Presentation only without publication*

SCOPES: • Faith-based and Ingenious Practices of Medication / Contemplation • Optimizing Human Resources and Organizational Performance • Vibrant Families and Communities • Holistic Well-being of Youth and Children in Digital Era • Productive Adulthood and Ageing Well • Environmental Justice and Climate Change • Evaluation and Assessment • Humane and Inclusive Cities and Villages

* Paper Presentation only without publication: The accepted reviewed papers will be scheduled for presentation but will not be published. The payment scheme follows the publication in ISSN conference proceedings.

  • Assoc. Prof. Yayah Khisbiyah, M.A.



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Conference Venue and Program

The conference will be held at Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. The program will consist of panel presentations, parallel paper sessions, workshops, and relevant professional association meetings. The program will combine academic presentations, workshops, and discussions with an applied component that will complement the main scholarly program. Interested participants will also have an opportunity to site visits and dialogue with community-based practitioners.

Host Country Context

Indonesia is the largest Muslim-majority country with 234 million Muslims (87% of total population), more than the entire Middle East combined. Indonesian Islam is very dynamic with incredible diversity among different streams of Islam, ethnic groups and faith communities. For most part, Indonesian diverse population live side by side in harmony. Nonetheless, indicators of quality of life and human development show that Indonesia still faces many challenges: adolescent delinquency, drug abuse, family breakups, crimes and homicides, rampant corruption, environmental degradation, poverty and inequality, uneven access to good education, intergroup hatred and intolerance, epistemic violence, and unemployment. These are indeed not the unique of Indonesia. Many other societies and countries, particularly in the South, share similar challenges. In this context, the conference foregrounds psychological work that attends to humanization, liberation and transcendence.


Workshop 1: Developing Islamic Psychology Curriculum

Prof. Mohamed Seedat, Ph.D. (University of South Africa)
Dr. Fuad Nashori (Universitas Islam Indonesia)

Workshop 2: Visual Methods in Compassionate Critical Community

Prof. Dr. Shahnaaz Suffla (University of South Africa)

Workshop 3: Psychospiiritual Relaxation: West and East Integration

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nisa Rachmah Nur Anganthi (Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta)
Setyo Purwanto, M.Si (Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta)

Workshop 4: Semi-Workshop on Mawas Diri: Indigenous Praxis for Journeying to Inner Self

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nanik Prihantanti (Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta)


API and IIUCP Convention

Committee and members of API (Asosiasi Psikologi Islam or Association of Islamic Psychology) and IIUCP (Inter-Islamic University Conference on Psychology) will hold special meeting on the 3rd of December 2019 in the evening.

Fakultas Psikologi, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta
Jalan A. Yani 1, Pabelan, Surakarta 57162, Indonesia.
Phone: +62717417 ext 3480
Contact person: Isnaya (WA +6285725329151)